3106 Ingersoll Ave.
Des Moines, Iowa 50312

Diana Kautzky
Deaf accessibility technologist + ASL interpreter
Talk topic: Understanding Human Behavior
Pronouns: She / Her / Hers

Diana Kautzky is the founder and President of Deaf Services Unlimited (DSU), an organization that facilitates communication between Deaf people and hearing people by providing innovative communication access solutions. DSU provides interpreting, captioning, and training services to higher education, federal agencies, Silicon Valley tech companies, and other commercial businesses. Born to Deaf parents, Diana has been a lifelong member of the Deaf community, and she continues to be an advocate for and speaker on topics on accessibility and equality for Deaf and hard of hearing people. For over a decade and ending in 1996, Diana held the position of Executive Director for the Department of Human Rights’ Deaf Services Commission of Iowa. She has a Master in Business Administration degree from Drake University, and Diana lives in Des Moines.

“When I recognize that there are barriers to having access to opportunities, I am compelled to see what can be done to close the gaps and create an equal playing field for all. I want to make sure that the Deaf community is involved in the important discussions around diversity and inclusion.“  –  Diana Kautzky