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Sara Maniscalco Robinson
Military Veterans Historian Soldier​​​​​​​
Talk topic: Resilience

Sara Maniscalco Robinson is founder, President and CEO, of The Iowa Veterans’ Perspective Charitable Foundation, a nonprofit that shines a light on Iowa’s military heroes by sharing veterans’ first-person stories through film. A native of Boone who grew up in a military family, Sara has served in the Iowa National Guard for more than two decades with two deployments. As a public affairs specialist, her role has consisted of global broadcast and print journalism for the military. In 2017, Sara founded her foundation to continue a project she worked on for the Iowa Gold Star Military Museum in Johnston, Iowa. The original project was a compilation of video interviews from prisoners-of-war. Sara strongly felt that the collection of stories needed to continue. The mission of her foundation is to raise awareness about veteran-specific issues and to teach future generations about the cost of freedom. She has a B.A. in Natural Resource Management and Entomology from Iowa State University. Sara lives in Johnston with her husband, Joe, and their two children and three Great Danes. 

“I have a passion for telling stories. All kinds of stories, not just about veterans. I love how our stories can bring us together as humans and take us on a journey in the shoes of another – even if it is only for just a few minutes.“  –  Sara Maniscalco Robinson