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Thank you for your interest in speaking at TEDxDesMoines. Please complete all required fields in the application below.

Once we receive your completed speaker application, you’ll receive communication from our team in December when we make our final selection. All speaker decisions will be made by the Curation and Executive Teams. You can also contact curation@thinkengagedsm.org if there are any further questions.

Completed applications are due by November 20th, 2020. 

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Sustainability With the trend in reducing waste, what responsibility do we have to contribute to waste reduction? People, Environment, Community, Hunger/Food
Wealth Gap What should/ could we be doing to ensure that our communities thrive? How do we help the Greater Des Moines area businesses grow? How can these businesses better invest in our communities?
Scarcity Disparities in community, health, etc. (Sustainability could tie here vice versa)
Pioneer Frontier Overcoming urban/rural divide
STEM/STEAM The inclusion and impact of art locally and globally
Identity How do you view yourself? How do others view you? What matters, why?
Legacy This theme will help individuals reflect on what they will leave behind... it could spark a conversation about what should be done today and beyond.
Resilience What does being resilient mean to you? How do you define resiliency in people, groups, cultures, etc.?
Human Potential How to recognize human potential (in family, work, etc.) and grow the potential to realization.
Iowa Nice Iowa Nice Reality? (Passive aggressiveness, conflict management and response, confrontation, etc.)
Understanding Human Behaviors Do you ever wonder why humans act a certain way or respond? From generational to environmental influences and more, explore the 'why' behind behaviors not understood by contrasts in personality and experience. Trauma informed approaches. (What happened to you?)
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1. Why do you want to be a TEDxDesMoines speaker?

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It is important that you answer both questions in a clear manner. The video can be uploaded below, or you can share it with us on Vimeo, YouTube, or another file sharing mechanism.

Please note: Don’t fret…All we want is to see you on camera and hear your answers to these two questions. We won’t base our decision solely on the video. The video does not need to be done professionally. You can record your video anywhere and on any device you can access.

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